Mauricio Valladares


Photographer, journalist and DJ. His interest for music takes him further to photography. Shooting big names of brazilian music, like Gilberto Gil, Lulu Santos, Rita Lee and Hermeto Pascoal, and international, Bob Marley, David Bowie, Led Zeppelin and The Who,  besides shooting people in their daily life and their interaction with the city. The person is the main object of interest in his photography. 

He has assigned many emblematics disco covers such as Será, Legião Urbana first disco, Cinema Mundo e Os Grãos by Paralamas do Sucesso, and Piquenique by Ed Motta, among many others. He is the official photographer for Paralamas do Sucesso, a band about which he has published a book covering their 25th years of carreer. He photographed for Jornal do Brasil and Revista de Domingo in their first publishing year. As journalist, he colaborated in the 70's with Jornal da Música and with countless amounts of publication for Revista Bizz, Som Três and Pipoca Moderna,  photographing and writing. 

In 1982, after returning from London, where he lived for two years, he released through Radio Fluminense, international bands until then unknown in Brazil, like The Cure, New Order, U2, The Jam, Gang of Four, Echo and the Bunnymen, The Beats and Madness. Also brazilian bands, Legião Urbana, Os Paralamas do Sucesso, Capital Inicial, Plebe and Biquini Cavadão. In the 90's he coordinated for six years the Plug BMG stamp, which has released many bands including Pato Fu, Funk Funker, Devotos do Ódio, DeFalla, Violeta de Outono and Picassos Falsos. 

He led the broadcasts Ronca Tripa (Rádio Fluminense, 1988-?), Radiolla (Globo FM, 1991-1996) and is the current responsible for Ronca Ronca (Rádio Cidade) which has been already transmited by the radio stations Fluminense, Panorama, Globo FM, Imprensa, Rádio Cidade and Oi FM. Created the parties Funk’n’Reggae, Radiolla and Ronca Ronca, which this year complete its 20th birthday. He was the oficial DJ for Los Hermanos tour in 2012 and DJ for Radiohead 2008 (RJ and SP), Paul McCartney 2010 (SP) and Robert Plant 2012 (RJ and SP).



A Parte Funda da Piscina. LURIXS: Arte Contemporânea. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil