Coletivo MUDA


Founded by the architects Diego Uribbe, Duke Capellão and Rodrigo Kalache, and the designers Bruna Vieira and João Tolentino in 2010, Coletivo MUDA sees the city as an overhaul laboratory. MUDA derives from mudar, "to change" in Portuguese. And as a matter of fact, associated with street art, their spatial interventions changed the nature of Rio de Janeiro, where now public spaces throughout the city stage their various compositions. Their art is essentially focused in the experimentation and on the development of sui generis panels, coloured compositions of classic tiles and contemporary graphics that result in captivating and abstract aesthetics. We can think of Coletivo MUDA’s art as a tribute to famous Brazilian muralists such as Athos Bulcão and Paulo Werneck, or as a reference to artists such as Alfredo Volpi and Geraldo de Barros. Recently, Coletivo MUDA’s presence has been expanded both nationally and abroad, with interventions in the streets throughout Brazil, Portugal, USA, Argentina, Cuba and Taiwan.


Solo exhibitions


Território Modular. LURIXS: Arte Contemporânea. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Group exhibitions


Somos da Casa. Galeria Casa 70. Lisbon, Portugal


Pequenos Formatos e Múltiplos. LURIXS: Arte Contemporânea, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Em Casa. LURIXS: Arte Contemporânea, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Coletiva Casa 70. Casa 70. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Salão de Artes Vinhedo. Centro Cultural Eng. Guerino Mario Pescarini. Vinhedo, Brazil

Multigrab. Galpão das Artes Hélio Peregrino. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Azul Cobalto. Galeria Scenarium. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Arte Design. Espaço Movimento Contemporâneo Brasileiro. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Pivô é a rua. Edifício COPAN. São Paulo, Brazil


Já É. Cartel 011. São Paulo, Brazil


Araka Arte. 00. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Tocayo. Galpão da Cidadania. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

ArtRua. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil